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  • Can I promote my business for free at LocalSuperOffers.com? Yes, during our current promotion you can advertise your business product and service for free.
  • Is there a contract for advertising? Terms of Use are the binding contract.
  • Is there a per click charge? NO!!! We do not have per click charges or any hidden charges. During current promotion Regular ads are free and Premium ads are discounted.
  • Are the many places to advertise business online for free? No, there are a few online websites where you can promote your business for free and we are the best website
  • Are all advertising functions included in the price or are there separate charges for some functions? Yes.
  • What are the benefits of advertising with LocalSuperOffers.com? We give you the opportunity to market and promote your business on line to your local customers and outside of you local community. This is a fantastic way for increasing your business sales, marketing and branding of your product or service. We help your business find new local customers.
  • How long can someone post the ad? From 7 to 365 days. Also you can renew your expired advertisement at any time.
  • What if the product or service we want to advertise is not on the list of available categories? Send us an email or a message and we will consider adding a new category.
  • Why should I advertise online with LocalSuperOffers.com? Now most customers search for new product and service on line. So we help your business get new customer!
  • Can a membership account be terminated or canceled? Yes, If advertiser violates Terms of Use, we will cancel the Membership Account and terminate any active advertisement.
  • How many pictures can be displayed with one Product or service advertisement? You can upload up to 4 pictures for any product or service advertisement. Pictures must be in "jpg" or "jpeg" or "png" formats
  • Can I attach file (doc, pdf, image...) with job advertisement? No, we do not offer attachments with job ads.
  • Can I upload a video as a part of my advertisement? No, You can link to the advertisement video, that you posted on YouTube. YouTube has optimized servers for hosting videos and large number of companies posted video on YouTube already. We provide a special field to enter your YouTube URL link.
  • Which social media URL links can we add to our advertisement? YouTube video, Pinterest, Twitter, Facebook, Google plus. We will be adding more social medial links and functionality in order to integrate all social marketing and advertising efforts.
  • Does each advertisement gets unique URL that can sent to someone or link to it? Yes! All URL are unique and search engine optimized for easy customer find.
  • Do I need a subscription to advertise? There is NO subscription! And NO automatic recurring payments! LocalSuperOffers.com is a membership driven advertisement, publishing platform. With LocalSuperOffers.com you advertise as much or as little as you like. Because we are pretty sure that once you advertise with us, you will like it so much that you will be hooked!