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Our current promotion offers free online advertising for small business. This is one of the best websites to advertise your business for free. It is very difficult to find any places to promote your business for free, take advantage of this and promote your business. We are one of very few sites to promote your business for free.

Your advertisement gets distinct URL showing your city and company name. We submit all URLs of advertisements for 365 days to Google and other search engines. Your advertisement is not limited to the LocalSuperOffers.com but is it is published to Google search engine as well. Customers do not need to come to our website to find your advertisement, they can find it via Google or other search engines.

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Applicable to all ads:

There is NO subscription, No automatic renewal. NO automatic recurring payments for paid ads. LocalSuperOffers.com is an account driven advertising platform. With LocalSuperOffers.com you advertise as much or as little as you like. Because we are pretty sure, that once you advertise with us, you will like it so much that you will be hooked!

You can have your ad running for as little as 7 days, or as long as 365 days. After your ad expires you can renew it and run it again. You can have as many ads as you want for all your products, services and jobs.

We do not offer auto renewal or monthly billing. This way we avoid many issues related to cancellation. Our view is, it is your ad and you are responsible for running it, so you pay as you go! All ad purchases are final. It is very important that you read and accept the "Terms and Conditions" - you are ethically and legally liable for the content of your advertisement. We want to be your advertising partner for all your online advertising needs. You can place the ads with discounts or without. You can have your ad posted for year around, or just for holiday promotions. You can modify your advertisement at any time even after it is published.

You can modify the content of your ad as needed, offering promotions if you want to pass savings to your customers. Think of purchasing a year advertisement as purchasing an full page advertising container. So what the ad will say during the year can change as different holiday promotions or your business needs vary. The only things that you cannot edit until the ad expires are location (county, city) and category (premium, regular). The renewal of an expired ad allows you to change location and category.

Social Media integration and Viral Marketing

All ads posted on localsuperoffers.com can be shared on Facebook. Your ad can accumulate Facebook likes, and Facebook comments right on localsuperoffers.com website. Customers can create the social media viral marketing effect by clicking the Facebook Share button and posting picture and a snippet of the advertisement in to their Facebook account. Google G+1 works very similar, it takes your website information instead of your advertisement.

Total 360 advertising view of your company

We incorporate all of your company marketing initiatives. Therefore, if you have pictures of a product or service, you can post them. If you have a video on YouTube, you can place a link in the designated field in your ad on LocalSuperOffers.com. There is nothing better than having your customers focus on a video about what you have to offer. If you have an account on Facebook, Google+, Pinterest or Twitter you can put links in your ad, and customers will be able to visit you there. If you have a website and the ability to conduct online sales, you can place the link in the designated field of your ad on LocalSupwerOffers.com. Your customers can make purchases through your advertisement on LocalSuperoffers.com directly from you. With your ad we connect the section "Company Description". The customers can learn more about your company than just the product or service you are offering.  Customers can get the feeling and undersatingin of your company standars and values. This will distinguish you from typical "Just buy my product" ads. All functionality we offer comes as a standard with every ad at no additional cost to you. We want you to use our service to offer the best price to your local customers!

Website / Buy It Online Link Button

Advertising with LocalSuperOffers.com offers you the unique opportunity to convert interest in a product or service into an actual sale. If you have a "Point of Sale" on your website you can copy the link. When the customer clicks the "Buy It Online" button he/she will be directed to your "Point of Sale" where the purchase can be finalized. If you don't have a point of sale you can copy the link to your company website to increase your brand recognition (e.g.: http://www.YourComapny.com). *Our definition of "Point of Sale" - Page on your website, where the customer selects the products and adds it to the shipping cart. In case of service, it is the page on your website, where the customer can finalize request for service or purchase the advertised service.

Total advertisement flexibility

You can edit and modify a running ad at any time. You can even change, what product or service you are advertising, as well as the pricing, discounts or pictures. You can renew your old, expired ad as is, or you can edit and modify it entirely, including the selection of county, city and categories.

Cross referencing job ads

If you are advertising with Local Supper Offers your product or service and also place and ad for a job with your company, we will cross reference your job ad with product or service. At the bottom of the page, there will be an annotation with a link for more details that you have also a job advertisement. However both advertisements must have matching city locations and overlapping Start and End of advertisement dates for the cross referencing to work. The idea is to give the business more exposure without increasing the cost of advertising. Frequently someone knows someone who is looking for a job, or while looking for a product they decide to explore the opening, that the company locally has.

Ad Search Algorithm

Our proprietary algorithm sorts all the ads and determines the position of your ad. The main criteria are: location (county, city), ad categories (premium and regular) and number of days the ad will be running. All ads are sorted according to location (county and city) then by category. Premium ads come before Regular. You can select premium or regular for both county/city. Within each category, hierarchy is based on number of days advertised. The greater the number of days the ad will be running, the closer to the top the ad will be positioned within its category per county and city. This is our way to promote the long term commitment on the side of advertiser to serve the local community. We are not disclosing all algorithm criteria. We reserve the right to modify and improve on the algorithm in order to better serve you and the community of end users.

Advertising Consulting Program

If you need help creating your company advertisement, we might be able to help you develop the ad, or you can use a marketing company. We at LocalSuperOffers.com can create the text ("Creative work") for your "Business Description" and the "Business Advertisement" at $120.00 per hour if your company is interested in signing up for a 1 year advertising with us. The estimate to develop the "Creative work" for you is between 3 to 5 hours at a cost of $360 - $600. Delivery time varies, depending on the work load at a given time, material that you provide, and number of revisions. We require a $360 payment to start the work. This covers the revision of material you provide, and any communication and preparation of the "Creative work". If additional consultations and revisions are needed, then we ask for the remaining payment at the point of delivery of the creative material.

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For Advertising Consulting email us:marketing@localsuperoffers.com