What is the best way to advertise business? Printed ads? or Online ads?

The The cost of printed ads is very high and the return on your investment is very low. The print advertisements are going away. We are living in a very fast moving society. The statistics indicate that customers are spending less than 8 seconds on the print advertisement. Nowadays everyone does the research online, of what they want to buy. Online offers search is fast and convenient, then there are ratings, and opinions of other customers about the products or services. You are not going to get that in print ads! Online advertising is no longer a trend but reality of our life. Print advertising does not stand a chance against online business promoting and customer ratings, that are used for purchasing decisions.

So, it makes perfect sense to do online product or service advertising. But you are thinking, how do I start with advertising my company online? Where can you advertise or promote small or lager business online? What are the best websites on the internet to promote business services or your product locally?

The world got very complicated and very expensive, if you do not know what you are doing. Perhaps you can try Google, Facebook ads and many other online advertisers that charge you per click and present only a snapshot of your company. After, spending a few hours learning how to post your advertisement, what you will find out, is that you got some clicks and spent a lot of money but the rate of return is working against you. The customer was only looking at your website and compared with another one but you paid for the clicks and nothing happened after that. The system works on bidding price for keywords. If you are a small business this keyword biding gets very expensive for you. See what you will get when advertising with Local Super Offers. Compare print and major online advertisers with advertising at Local Super Offers.