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Company Name: US GATE SUPPLY
Job Title: Independent Sales Representative
Job Type: Contract
Job Description:
Independent sales representatives enjoy unique benefits in the sales industry and the job market as a whole. Though they may answer to a supervisor and must follow guidelines set forth by the company for which they work, typically independent sales agents are free to control their work environment
Set Appointments Independent sales representatives are usually responsible for obtaining their own sales leads and for setting appointments based on those leads. Some companies line up customers, but the responsibility of setting appointments, staying in contact with the customer and showing up to appointments on time remain with the sales representative. Present to Customers Presentations may follow specific guidelines set forth by the selling company, unique to the sales representative or a combination of both. Regardless, an independent sales rep is required to present the product or service he is selling in an attractive manner. He must have intimate knowledge of the product or service and be able to answer any questions the customer may have. Close Sales Closing sales is one of the most important aspects of an independent sales representative's job. She must be able to turn a presentation into a sale for the benefit of her paycheck and to secure her position with the selling company. Paperwork Once a sale has been closed, the sales rep must get everything down on paper. He must be proficient in filling out the required paperwork and obtaining the proper signatures from the buyer. If this step is not completed properly, the sales rep could lose a sale. This translates into a loss of profits for the company as well as the sales agent. Above all, the representative must be able to do all of these things independently, as he is not surrounded by colleagues able to help out at a moment's notice.
Sales Representative Skills and Qualifications: Customer Service, Meeting Sales Goals, Closing Skills, Territory Management, Prospecting Skills, Negotiation, Self-Confidence, Product Knowledge, Presentation Skills, Client Relationships, Motivation for Sales.
Our compensation plan is designed to support you and your vision. You can make as much as you "earn," based on your enthusiasm for JAQXSMART.COM/USGATESUPPLY and your ability to build and lead a team. (818) 765-3636
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About the Company: U.S. GATE SUPPLY Is a Master wholesale distributor for security access controls and opening devices. As well Smart home security systems. Security Alarm system and Home automation, Gate operators, Garage door openers, Remote controls, access keypads, Gate hardware, and much more.
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