Our Mission Statement

The very essence of our economic life cycle starts with the local community. As shown in our logo, we are in business of embracing people and their needs for products, services, and jobs that can be satisfied locally. We provide time, money, and resource savings to both businesses and consumers, and we build a trust relationship between them. Our name brand Local Super Offers should be associated with promoting quality products and services offered locally and backed by companies that are proud of their standards and fair prices. We do not ask our advertisers to compete on the price level rather to make super offers comprised of quality, satisfaction warranty and fair prices. From our business side we are dedicated to applying the best ideas in marketing, branding and technology to promote the products, services and companies that deserve consumer attention. We invite all companies in USA that are focused on customer satisfaction to post their business advertisements on our website. Our ambition is to be one of the best companies to work for, which is not only sensitive to the local community needs, but also recognized for giving back. This is our way of making a strong positive environmental impact.

Our Brand Name and Logo

Our Brand Name and Logo: The brand name "Local Super Offers", "Localsuperoffers.com" and the company logo are protected by USA Trade Mark laws.

About LocalSuperOffers.com

The application LocalSuperOffers.com is focused on promoting advertised products and services to local customers. We applied many great marketing and branding ideas to promote the local brands. We want to meet the needs, as well of very small companies, that are in the local community and are making great efforts to get the attention for consumers. Many of them offer superior consumer centric approach and offer superior quality at fair price.

As an online advertising business we use several important principles:

  • We are upfront with our advertisers. We offer very clear straightforward pricing. So you know and understand, what you are paying for.
  • We want to help our business customers and the community of end-users to create a mutually symbiotic relationship.
  • We want to provide affordable advertising for all quality businesses regardless of size.
  • We want to be the place for business to go for year round online advertisement.
  • Advertising with us, is more like a 360 degrees fusion of all company efforts on one page, where the ad is linked to other marketing and social media (read more) .
  • In the "Company Description" - snapshot of your company, your brand. It will show in advertisement for product or service.
  • Convenient link to your "Point of Sale / Website and Coupons " for Product and Service (see details)
  • Convenient "Apply online" button for jobs
  • Advertisement flexibility. Must see this one!!!
  • Cross referencing job ads.See description!!!
  • All available features are included at no additional charges.
  • We have simple Terms of Use every advertiser must read and accept and follow prior to advertising with LocalSuperOffers.com. This is the only contract that you sign with us.

Through advertising on our website we help companies find new local customers which promotes the local community as well. When advertising with LocalSuperOffers.com "Terms of Use" is the only contract that you have to accept in order to have an ad running on our website. We believe offering a great deal on advertising is all that your company needs.